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Why Your Keith Pierson Neighborhood Dealership is a Better Service Option than a Big Box National Chain

There are many reasons that you should consider your local car dealership when your car or truck needs service. Whether you need an oil change, brake work or even new tires Keith Pierson Toyota Service is here to provide you with the three most important factors in choosing a service center for your vehicle. If you live in and around Orange Park, Lakeside or Jacksonville area you should take the time to read this.


Service Center Accountability

When a person is undeniably held accountable for their work they do a better job. We all know this to be true and we have all seen what happens when the people you hire are not held accountable for their service. How are we at Keith Pierson more accountable to you the customer? We live here, we work here we take pride in our community. The majority of our customers we know by name and they know us. It is much easier to shield yourself from a job not well done if your headquarters is based far away from the area you provide service to.

Service Center Quality

You get what you pay for as the old adage goes. Many corporate big box stores hire workers on minimum wage and give them a crash course in the highly technical nature of your vehicles operating systems. An oil change may be reasonably easy to understand but how much time do they spend teaching these non industry certified “technicians” on how to assess whether your vehicle needs brake work done or a transmission flush for instance. A week perhaps or even a few days? Here at Keith Pierson ALL of our technicians are factory trained by the vehicle manufacturers and certified to work on all aspects of your vehicle’s intricate systems.

Service Center Affordability

By addressing the first two factors you inevitably have a positive effect on the third, affordability. When you are paying for services that are not performed quite simply you are throwing your money away. When you are paying for services that are not done to industry standards you will have to in time redo them. At first glance it may seem cheaper to go to a big box service center but when you factor in the up selling that takes place and the quality of the work performed by non certified technicians you will be spending more money in the long run and that you can take to the bank.

When you consider the things mentioned above we are sure you will see the importance of servicing your car or truck at your local certified service center. We look forward to welcoming you to the Keith Pierson Toyota Service family.

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